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Teaching online since 2002.
"As Spirit Spans The Faiths, So Does the Circle"


Our Philosophy

A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal. Yet the spiritual journey is always done in solitude, for each person can only proceed from the perspective they alone possess"(Throw in the Tao--Wildhorses)

Principles: Aims: Goals: Ethics:

  • Principles

  • Based on the 7 Principles of Spiritualism.
  • Aims

  • We Encourage Self Discovery & Spiritual Development.
  • Goals

  • So Each may achieve Personal and Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Ethics

  • Ahearing to our 3 guidlines of Openess, Honesty and Respect.



Teaching Online Since 2002

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    The Spiritualists Online Network has been operating since 2002
    With Teachers, Staff, Members and Patrons world wide.
    Mediums, Healers, Psychics, Tarot Readers, Psychic Artists, & More
    all with the aim of sharing the One Commom Gift, we all naturally share -
    The Love of Spirit, Communication and Beliefe in Eternal Life!

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  • The Circle,,Julie SOC 2003

    Alone I sat seeking Loves Inspiration ,,,,
    I searched abroad for some Spiritual chat,
    Found naught but fighting and aggravation,,,
    So perplexed and sad,, I put on my thinking hat...

    A voice from behind (my son) said 'you start it'! ,
    And so was born the Spiritualist's open circle
    would any say hi or even come to visit?
    then came one, then four , we'd past the 1st hurdle.

    As Visitors returned, enjoying the company ,
    soon came those, we have loved and lost,
    giving messages from beyond,,,, surprising even me
    Guides, and Angles, the Spirits link Present with Past.

    How is this done?, can anyone try? ,,some asked
    Others gave help and counselling,,, and their love
    teaching and guidance,, lessons to last ,,
    Poetry and meditation, philosophy,
    all sent form above,,

    The days turned to weeks, to months and now its a year,,(+15 years)
    visitors became members to friends and more ;)
    All colours, creeds, faiths and beliefs join us here
    The Circle's Love ,,, to all,, who walk through the Door (heart)

    Poem Of The Circle From Daverl 2003

    Open circle of friends, smiling, sharing.
    Empathy heart of feeling simple caring.
    A word thought to share freely taught.
    Laughing, smiling, Auras colours flying.
    Ancient wisdom & human spirit inspired.
    Crystals resonating pure gentle energy.
    Placed with T.L.C. releasing stresses.
    By the gentle hand of one who cares.
    Wishing, hoping, praying, connecting.
    Heart beatís spirits breath touched.
    Just a little sign post in lifeís road.
    Maybe so clear or just a glimpse.
    A gentle word, a whisper in the ear.
    Nothing closed but private sometimes.
    Spiritualist open circle friendly place.
    Eternityís smile glowing chat room inspired.
    Quite a unique place to stop pause for quiet.
    Time out recharge the batteries warn down.
    By the grind of our busy everyday lives.
    All are welcome to stay, just show respect.
    Listen and learn, smile & be patient
    Everything in itís own time and place.
    You will soon see you found a special place
    Dave Liverpool uk 15/7/03

    SOC Radio
  • Jessika Vidal Season 1 Episode 6
    Stream Status = Online

  • A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal. Yet the spiritual journey is always done in solitude for each person can only proceed from the perspective they alone possess"
    (Throw in the Tao--Wildhorses)

    All Staff, Members, Guests and Contributors are genuine and operate to the highest standards! Spiritualism is a faith and Way of Life! It is NOT Entertainment!
    If you don't wish to be here Close the page! ALL here work hard and offer their services with Integrity!. Members and visitors participate in any activities with absolute freewill.
    The highest protection in law is afforded our staff, guests, contributors and members and abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and any such abuse may lead to prosecution