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"As Spirit Spans The Faiths, So Does the Circle"

Celebrating 15 Years Online!

Launching a Brand New Era!


Globally Inspiring Visions! Empowering Spirit!
The Network of Lightworkers, Combining & Encouraging, Spiritually Educational Conversations, Radio/Tv Shows, Projects, Events & Summits. Online and at Home.
Partnering with Many Websites, Groups, and Individuals whose aims reflect those of SOC.
The Visions Network aims to build the largest coalition of cooperating professionals, in the Mind Body Spirit fields.
Offering services freely accross every medium of communication and interation.


The Team hope you enjoy the New Design to the Website.
Many thanks to Tracy Cooper
For Hours of hard work helping with the NEW LOOK SOC!, for her support, patience, promotion and dedication, to the future success of SOC.

In Coming Months The Lyceum, Our Educational Dept is to see an influx of new Tutors, Teachers and Guests offering Classes Courses and More!
SOC Radio is growing immenclely with New Shows, Including a cooperation with Other Online Sites in Encore Replays of Thier Shows as part of the New Coalition that is launching Feb 28th, The Visions Network.

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Tuesday 11pm. Feb 28th Uk Time, Noon Wed March 1st NZ



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  • A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal. Yet the spiritual journey is always done in solitude for each person can only proceed from the perspective they alone possess"
    (Throw in the Tao--Wildhorses)

    All Staff, Members, Guests and Contributors are genuine and operate to the highest standards! Spiritualism is a faith and Way of Life! It is NOT Entertainment!
    If you don't wish to be here Close the page! ALL here work hard and offer their services with Integrity!. Members and visitors participate in any activities with absolute freewill.
    The highest protection in law is afforded our staff, guests, contributors and members and abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and any such abuse may lead to prosecution